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Types of Counseling Sessions We Offer

We offer various types of counseling session settings. Whether the counseling is for yourself or multiple individuals, we are available for your needs.
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Individual Counseling

Needing to do some self-healing or find mental clarity? Our individual sessions will be private, keeping the information shared just between you and your counselor of choice.

Couples Therapy

Having trouble communicating or connecting with your significant other? This is a judgment-free zone where you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other without hostility, conflict, or worry. Finally, get to truly talk with your loved one on a deeper level.

Family Counseling

These are very challenging times these days. With the internet, social media, cultural disarray, and plenty of doubts in religion, much becomes chaotic in a family household. Family counseling will help you and your family reconnect and bond with one another over your beliefs, values, and thoughts.

Group Counseling

Thinking about connecting with a group of similar individuals fighting the same battles? Group counseling sessions help us to discuss our thoughts and feelings with those who can relate. Led by a counselor who can help you gain the confidence and happiness you deserve in this life.

Online Therapy & Counseling

Seeking online communication with a therapist or counselor? Whether you’re unable to make the commute or you want to be in the comfort of your own home, we can accommodate your situation with Telehealth services.

With Telehealth, we can serve you from anywhere at any time. This allows you to connect with therapists and counselors that fit your schedule best. Use this convenience to connect through your phone or computer.


Although talking helps, there are often times when we need something more. Neurotherapy targets imbalanced brain activity to reduce symptoms fast and prepare the brain for long-term change at a cellular level.
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Therapeutic Specialties We See to

Treatment specialization includes, but is not limited to:

Relational Issues

  • Patterns of maladaptive relationship problems with loved ones, friends, or coworkers can be a sign of relational issues that goes deeper into the psyche than one may anticipate.

Adolescents/Young Adults (Identity, relational issues, spirituality, etc)

  • If your child is going through tough times with self-confidence, trust, faith, or relationships, we can assist in helping them improve their well-being and mindset.

Anxiety and Fearfulness

  • Feelings of anxiety or fear are natural, but ongoing feelings of this nature can cause problems in other parts of your life.


  • There is no need to keep your feelings at bay when you communicate with one of our therapists about your depression. This mental health disorder is more common than you may know.


  • Losing faith in our Holy Father or your spiritual awareness?

Grief and Loss

  • We all experience grief at some point in our lives. Dealing with it by ourselves can be difficult and exhausting.

Pre-marital Counseling

  • Wanting to start a great new life with your loved one? We’ll discuss the steps of a healthy marriage and how you can achieve happiness even during the hardest days.

Marital Conflict and/or Dissatisfaction

  • If your marriage is disappointing or you’re having domestic disputes, lean on our expertise to help find clarity.

Job and Career Dissatisfaction and/or Conflict

  • ⅓ of our lives on average goes into our work. If you’re experiencing disappointment or unhappiness with your current job/career, we can provide you the tools to carve your path to satisfaction.

Family Conflict

  • Having issues within your family? We want to help you quiet the frustration and achieve a fulfilling relationship with your loved ones.

Personal Growth

  • Needing to know who you truly are? We want to help you find your purpose and to grow as an individual in God.

Trauma (Complex, Acute, Chronic, Vicarious/Secondary)

  • PTSD, ASD, or any type of trauma diagnosis can be a handful to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Let’s find your inner peace, together.
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