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One of the distinctions of Aspen Christian Counseling is our emphasis on "team". When you work with one of our therapists, you receive the benefit of the combined expertise we bring to helping people find health and hope.

Michael Behmer

MA, Founder
Aspen Mental Health Group has been known internationally as an industry leader in treating trauma, grief, and loss with individuals, couples, families, NGOs, and acute care teams for more than a decade. With his more than 20 years in both the for-profit and non-profit business sectors, Michael has created a unique integration with his degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. Michael teaches a broad range of Christian professionals, offering training and therapeutic model development. Michael has specialized in relational functionality, private practice development, corporate intervention support, therapeutic group curriculum, residential treatment transitions, crisis management, applied neuroscience, and sobriety support around the globe. Michael believes helping one is the road to helping many and supports Christian leaders around the world.

Danelle Rottner

Danelle received her Master's degree from Covenant Theological Seminary and is the Clinical Director and Lead Therapist for Aspen Christian Counseling. With a broad range of experience both within and external to the church, she approaches counseling from a holistic model in order to assist clients in achieving health and growth. Her areas of focus include fear and anxiety, adjustment and transition, depression, grief and loss, perinatal issues, abuse, family conflict, ministry burnout, and church leadership. She also enjoys working with adolescents and young adults concerning identity, spirituality, and relational issues.

Kaelyn Richardson

Kaelyn earned her Master’s degree from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO. She enjoys working with women, children, and families. Her approach to the therapeutic process includes an emphasis on the connection between mind, body, emotions, and spirituality. With a certification in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), she is able to use this technique when appropriate to help women overcome struggles and traumas. Utilizing play therapy and evidence-based strategies, Kaelyn also enjoys working with children ages 4-10 and families to work through developmental, emotional, spiritual, and familial issues.

Joy Kirkland

In addition to a Masters degree in Human Services Counseling, Joy studied Christian Counseling at Missio Seminary and has completed post graduate studies in cross-cultural trauma recovery. Joy brings more than 10 years experience serving individuals, couples, and adolescents in areas related to trauma, abuse, loss, life transition, personal and professional burnout, anxiety and depression. She brings a commitment to holistic counsel and a desire for each client to feel seen, heard, and empowered in various aspects of their wellbeing.


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