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October 27, 2017
Jeremy Hamann

We love to share coffee, beer, chips and salsa, ice cream, BBQ, hot tea or ice water because relationships are what matter the most. Sitting across a table at a cafe or shoulder-to-shoulder at a bar opens a space where we can create meaningful connections that change us. We want to do that with you.

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Michael Behmer

Handling the traumatic events in the lives of the folks you work with doesn't need to be the test of your capability as a shepherd of people. Grab a coffee with Michael Behmer this week to talk about the areas of your work where you could use support from our team.

(Topics of discussion: trauma, grief, loss, compassion fatigue, team burnout)


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Danelle Rottner

Even the most challenging life circumstances can be points of incredible transformation and redemption. As clinical lead at Aspen Christian Counseling and one of the most experienced gospel-centered counselors in the Front Range, Danelle Rottner can speak into how life's hardest times can be the most profound.

(Points of discussion: talk-therapy, gospel-centered psychotherapy, ministry team dynamics, trauma)

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Jeremy Hamann


Understanding both our image-bearing nature and the formative effects of our upbringing in a fallen world is enabled by the Enneagram personality profile. Grab a coffee with Jeremy Hamann this week to talk about the Enneagram.

(Topics of discussion: enneagram, personality, understanding self and God, the Gospel and therapy.)


Betsy Carr


With insight from brain science and personality profiling, Betsy Carr, Aspen's Neurofeedback Training Coordinator, can help you and your people understand their relationships and conflicts with brand new eyes!

(Topics of discussion: brain health, therapy diagnostics, conflict assessment and Neurofeedback treatment)


John Vandegrift

Those who experience addiction do not need to be without hope. As a CAC1, John has the training and experience to support anyone who desires to be free from addiction.

(Topics of discussion: addiction, recovery, brain training, alternatives to talk therapy.)

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