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We often get asked, “what role does the Gospel play in our therapy?” It’s simple. For Christians, it is everything. The way we see it, counseling needs to resonate with a person’s created design in the present and for their future hopes.

God has designed us to all be relational. We approach all counseling from a relational paradigm whether that means with others or the personas we identify with internally. Our process is one in which the counselor and the client walk together towards the full and meaningful life that greater awareness and authenticity offer each of us.

The primary goals of counseling are the following: (A) to “reframe” uncomfortable, distressing or perplexing situations into opportunities for healing, growth, change, dependency on God’s provision and restoration (B) give some real, doable, practical, and accountable steps to take and (C) orient people towards a much larger story that is unfolding alongside their own.

All problems, personal or social, come from a failure to believe the gospel in a radical way. All pathologies in the church and all its ineffectiveness come from a failure to believe the gospel in a radical way. We believe that if the gospel is expounded and applied in its fullness in any church, that church will look very unique.

People will find moral conviction yet compassion and flexibility. Our approach to gospel-centered therapy has had the privilege of serving alongside ministry leadership for more than 20 years nationally and internationally, breaking therapeutic and counseling stereotypes to shine brightly in the cities we are called to serve.

One of our most basic theological premises is that the gospel can change anyone, anywhere. Part of the driving force behind us is the conviction that most people have not heard the gospel clearly, whether they have been raised in liberal churches or conservative churches.

Many people are on “trajectories” of reaction to either their conservative or their liberal backgrounds or experiences. But the gospel is off the continuum altogether. When people actually hear the gospel, they are surprised and brought up short. There can be neither personal transformation nor social transformation without a grasp of it.

When embraced fully, the gospel transforms our hearts, thinking, and approaches to everything.


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